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I think he’s basically - he didn’t start this way. He’s brilliant, he was obviously a prodigy at school, and an outsider because of that, and I think what happened is that through dint of that isolating experience, he started to hone these very concentrated skills. And they require certain cut-offs, and I think, ideally, what he’s trying to fashion himself into, because he has possibly been hurt, because he does, possibly, have a heart. He’s someone whose robotic, almost, in his illogical capacity to deal with people, problems, like a machine. What this series is about, in the gestation of his character and the relationship with Watson, that very much humanizes and grounds him, is his growth from this sort of impervious, uh, almost superhero-level of intelligence acquired through dint of hard work, but almost unreal. He protects that to a point whereby he can’t anymore, he has to - and his guard’s let down by his feelings. The fact that he’s revealed to be human. So we see eventually a humanization of him, I guess. And, um, I think that’s his biggest problem, is wanting to be more than human, and escape the frailties of being human, while at the same time being human. 
- Benedict Cumberbatch, when asked about his character Sherlock Holmes. (x)

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